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The Mud Dog Trailer - Mud Dog Pressure Washing Trailers The Mud Dog Trailer - Mud Dog Pressure Washing Trailers The Mud Dog Trailer - Mud Dog Pressure Washing Trailers The Mud Dog Trailer - Mud Dog Pressure Washing Trailers The Mud Dog Trailer - Mud Dog Pressure Washing Trailers The Mud Dog Trailer - Mud Dog Pressure Washing Trailers The Mud Dog Trailer - Mud Dog Pressure Washing Trailers The Mud Dog Trailer - Mud Dog Pressure Washing Trailers The Mud Dog Trailer - Mud Dog Pressure Washing Trailers The Mud Dog Trailer - Mud Dog Pressure Washing Trailers The Mud Dog Trailer - Mud Dog Pressure Washing Trailers The Mud Dog Trailer - Mud Dog Pressure Washing Trailers The Mud Dog Trailer - Mud Dog Pressure Washing Trailers The Mud Dog Trailer - Mud Dog Pressure Washing Trailers

The Mud Dog Trailer

The absolute flagship of hot water portable self-contained pressure cleaning systems. Designed to be super versatile and super durable. Comprised of the best components on the market. Every Mud Dog Trailer is built with a Honda Engine, General Pump, and Beckett Burner System. A 525-gallon on board water tank ensures your Mud Dog Trailer stays pumping until the job is finished. Dual Hose Reels equipped with Super Swivels and Non-marking Hot water hoses allows operators to work safely in the harshest environments. Choose your weapon for cleaning, The Original Mud Dog Trailer comes complete with 3 gun and wand combos to tackle any one or two man operation. **Super Mud Dog Trailer: The same as the original Mud Dog Trailer just bigger and badder, upgraded with a Honda GX690 Engine, TSF General Pump, and VB33 unloading system for a monster cleaning system designed for primarily a two gun operation.**




  • Hot water, thermostat controlled, ​two gun unit.
  • Honda GX630, 20HP engine with two year warranty*.
  • General Pump blasts water at 6GPM and 3500PSI.
  • Manufacturer warranty's* against factory defects.
  • Beckett sure fire burner with indicator lights for power and ignition and heavy duty aluminum heat shield. The schedule 80 coil comes with a 5 year warranty*.
  • Skid is powder coated and has a vibration isolated power platform with shock absorbing feet.
  • Unloader has a patent pending cool bypass system to make sure the pump does not get above ambient heat during bypass mode.​


  • Two 3500LB axles.
  • Tubular Chasis.
  • Electric break away system.
  • LED Lights.
  • Diamond plated stand on fenders.
  • Mesh lining.
  • Quadruple reinforced tounge.
  • 2 5/16 inch coupler.
  • Wind up jack.
  • Elevated Reel Rack
  • Side steps


  • 525 gallon water tank with heavy duty bands
  • 35 gallon chemical tank
  • Heavy duty locking tool box
  • Two high pressure Summit hose reels.
  • Garden hose reel with float valve and 100ft hose
  • Your choice of 3 wands including one dual-lance.
  • Two 100ft sections of R1 4000PSI rated hoses.
  • Turn key plumbing with handwash station.
  • Dual low pressure chemical injection system.
  • Blow out freezer protector.
  • Additional nozzles and O-rings

Video Transcription

Starting off, this is a 6012 Mud Dog. 6 gallon a minute and a 3500 PSI. It's on a 6' by 12' tandem axle trailer. 2, 3500 lbs. axles and you've got one brake axle. Your breakaway axle system is on the front of the trailer. You've got safety chains and this is your hookup for your breakaway axle. What you want to do is put this in ... one of your S hooks around the bottom of your tow hitch. If that breaks away, it'll lock down your electric brake. The other part of your electric brakes is controlled through your lights, which is a seven circular. You've got a fold away jack, where you pull the pin, after you get hooked up, folds up.

The main power pack of the unit is a 6012, 20 horsepower. 6 Gallon per minute. 3500 PSI. You've got two 15 gallon fuel tanks. Diesel for your burner system. Gas for your engine. You've got a 12 volt, deep cycle marine battery, and then you've got a general pump.

Your engine has an hour meter, underneath the key switch. When you got it on, this one says 0.2 hours. There's a little red dot here, a LED light, that will illuminate when you get to 50 hours, and that is your time to change your oil, for your service interval. When it comes on, you've got two hours, when that light comes on, after you change your oil, it will reset itself.

You've got your throttle control. You want to keep that throttle at 3450. This engine charges the battery, which cuts the burner on, so you want to run that right where that throttle is set at 3450. Your pump takes 30 weight, non-detergent pump oil, but it only needs to be changed every 200 hours. This is your sight glass. You want to make sure that oil is either clear, amber, maybe even brown. If it gets white, that means you've got moisture in it and we need to change it.

This is your water filtration system. All you've got to do, is take a number ten metric allen wrench ... there's a ten micron strainer in it, that'll catch any debris that comes out of your tank. So right now, you can see that we've pulled some debris in there. And so, it's gotten any of the debris that would've gotten in your pump. It's protected your pump. So you want to clean that once a week, once a month, depending on how many hours you ... and just clean it out with your hands. Make sure it's good.

The other side of your filter is your blowout valve. What that is, it's like a valve stem on a tire. You hook compressed air to it, to blow your system out in the winter time. You close your valve from your water tank. Push air, and it will blow all the water out from both of those hoses on your reels, so that any of the water that's in the system is purged. So, there's nothing to freeze, expand, and bust. So that's how you protect it from freezing.

Above your pump, you've got nozzle storage. You've got a 65 degree, which is a chemical nozzle, low pressure, a zero degree red, 50 degree yellow, 25 degree green, and 40 degree white nozzle. The spray patterns are indicated underneath the nozzle. 

Above that, you've got your thermostat. This controls your temperature. It goes up to 248, but really this unit has got a 180 degree temperature rise, so in the summer time, if your water is 80 degrees in the tank, it's going to go up 180 degrees. In the winter time, when it's a little cooler, it'll still go up, but it won't get as hot because of the water coming in.

This is your master burner switch. You need to make sure you cut that off, or it will stay illuminated, and that's kind of telling you ... you cut it off when the engine's off.

As far as your burner system on the side, the only thing that you need to know, is you do have an inline fuel filter. It will catch any debris. We recommend you change that fuel filter every 50 hours, the same service interval as changing your oil.

Diamond plate step fenders, where you can step on these. We do recommend that you do not step on your light bar. It will support, but they are not meant as a step fender, so you can step on the tray.

The back of your tank, you've got a 35 gallon chemical tank with a vent. This one just has a plug on the bottom where you can unscrew your cap, but your chemical in, and it's designed that where you can run your chemical lines from your injectors to your tank. We'll get to that in a minute.

This customer's also got two types of chemical. The ultimate house watch, which is our number one selling product, for any exteriors of homes, wood, vinyl siding, porches, roofs. Anything on the exterior of homes. The only thing that you want to be mindful of this, you don't want it to dry on glass. So if you wet it down before hand, and how I do everything is, any vegetation I wet down, apply the chemical, and then rinse back, and I rinse the vegetation as well because it has sodium in it. And there is a chance it could brown the plant, but any kind of mold, mildew, algae, gutter film ... it brings surfaces back to new.

Then also you've got your equipment wash. This is your answer 61 brown equipment wash. It is a de-greasing truck wash. You can wash any painted surface. Actually, my truck today as a demo, because it needs it, and this equipment wash, you can degrease with it, wash any kind of belly pans, hydraulic hoses ... anything, logging equipment, tractor trailers.

When you want to set up your trailer unit, you want to make sure you get on level ground. Just so that your water will prime in your pump. And also, your low oil sensor will not affect your engine. If that engine is tilted back, if you're on a hill, it could affect that smart plug for your oil sensor, and it cuts the ignition off.

So you got a lock on your hose reel. We've got to unlock these. Unlock your bottom one and pull this hose out to your desired length. The Mud Dog comes with three different wands. A three foot, a four foot dual lance one, and a 79 inch one.

We're going to hook the dual lance and the surface cleaner right now to demonstrate the proper cleaning process. So you put your trigger lock on. You're going to go to your unit, and I'm going to choke the unit. Got it on position.
 "To apply low pressure chemical turn handle all the way forward. Wait 15 sec."
 "To switch to high pressure rinse turn handle all the way back. Wait 15 seconds for lines to clear."
 "To turn on hot water. Turn burner switch on and adjust thermostat."
 "Take approximately 30 seconds to heat up."
  Your regular brass nozzle, you're going to have a wide fan. 
  The last thing that we want to talk about is two gun operation. If you've got two special nozzles for that, what we're doing is we got the same PSI, but we're cutting our GP in half. So it's going to feel like less pressure.
  Your round circular tips are your 3 gallons per minute. So, what you're going to do is put that tip in, and you can see the difference in the orifice size between the two of them. The three gallon per minute has a much smaller orifice.

How to Use
The Mud Dog Trailer