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Mud Dog Reclaim System

Mud Dog Reclaim System

Protecting the environment from wash water runoff and complying with governmental storm drain regulations is simple, economical and effective with the Mud Dog Reclaim Package. The AZV vacuum and filtration system provides 6 stages of filtration up to 8gpm continuous five micron processing of wastewater where soaps and other chemicals are not used. Wastewater is recovered through a vacuum scupper, up to 12gpm, to eliminate run-off. Recycled water is pumped back to your bulk water tank for reuse to power wash concrete or other flatwork. You may also choose to divert treated water to landscaping or sewer as permitted. Heavy solids are collected in the V-section of the tank and are easily removed through a quick purge dump valve. You have a complete self-contained mobile wash, recovery, and recycle unit. The system is the choice of professional cleaners to protect the environment, conserve water, and comply with EPA storm drain requirements. (For use with cold water or hot water up to 200°F) Due to wide variances in reclamation systems and customer needs all reclaim mud dogs are now custom built. Please call for more information.

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Mud Dog Reclaim System

  • Vacuum recovery rate of 12gpm, with high level shut-down
  • Wastewater process rate 5gpm for AZV55, 8gpm for AZV88
  • 6 stage filtration process, including 3 oil absorption areas - filters to 5 micron purity
  • Manufacturer warranty's* against factory defects
  • Rustproof, all stainless vacuum chamber & housing, with external drain
  • Automatic pump out, 12v, 15amp, transfers water without interrupting pickup
  • Complete with a set of filters, oil absorbing sock, containment berms, vacuum scupper, vacuum hose

Video Transcription

Good morning. Today we're going to be talking about this 6 gallon a minute, 3500 PSI, Mud Dog Reclaim System. It's our standard Mud Dog package. It comes on a 6 by 12 trailer tandem trailer. All tubular chassis. Tubular cross members. Not a stich of angle on this trailer. Honda engine G8630, your 6 gallon a minute, 3500 PSI pump comes with clear ball [inaudible 00:00:25], blow out valve system, Beckett burner, thermostat, areometer, the works. We've also paired it with this Ryobi generator easy start. It's a 3600 continually running Watt generator to power our Reclaim System. It comes with your full 100 foot garden hose, auto-fill tank with flow valve system. You've got your dual summit hose reels with half inch super swivels, dual injection. We've also got a 250 foot vacuum hose reel. We've got a 100 feet on here now, it's capable of pulling up to 250 feet. Then as far as our Reclaim System, we've gone with the HydroTek RZV10E1, and it's got a 40 gallon containment, it pulls 104 CFM, so it will suck up anything that you can pull from your surface cleaner, from your archway boom system, or from your regular nozzles sucker. It's got 20 and 5 micron strainer, and it comes with a strainer wrench where you just have to fly it to change out any of your media filters. PSI gauge and dual vacuum and transfer pump. What this system will do is accurately suck up and reclaim all of the water that you're spraying with either your surface tool ... and with this we've gone with the HydroTek ANTV24.5 all stainless reclaimable surface cleaner.

So what that will do is, you hook up your vacuum hose directly to your surface cleaner ... or your archway system, and it will pull 100% of the water that you're spraying, through your vacuum pump. It's got a black filter, media filter. It will go through your tall 5 and 20 micron filters, back into your tank so that you can auto-recycle. You're not wasting any water, you're going to be completely under any code. Capture reclaim tools. It's got a full box of all of your accessory package. As far as your sand snakes, water snakes, water booms, any of the reclaim tools that you're going to need to get the job done.

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Mud Dog Reclaim System